Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality
and Building Physics
About us

     Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality is an entity integrated into the Faculty of Engineering Installations of the Technical University of Construction Bucharest. CAMBI research center brings together both the UTCB teachers and collaborators outside the University.

     Its members are professors, lecturers, researchers, academic assistants, PhD and graduate students with interests in Environmental Quality and Heat Transfer Phenomena in Building Physics.

The research Center manages the collective work of three areas of research, each with its own multiple directions. Currently we are 19 people of which 10 are permanent members.

   The Centre's activities include experimental studies, detailed energy audit analysis, acoustics studies, specialized software development and other studies related to thermal comfort, visual or indoor air quality.

Research Directions

n  Indoor Ambiental Quality

This axis has the objectives of research sustainable  development,
energy efficient and healthy buildings that ensure proper indoor air
quality and comfort.


n Building Physics and phenomenon transfer

This axis has the objectives of research on the flow studies at building
scale and experimental/numerical  analysis of thermal dynamic processes in
a building.
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n Mathematical models and their application in building physics

This axis has the objectives of research of different  methods and models to
simulate the physical processes and this axis is complementary with the  two
others by developping statistical and numerical mathematical models
to be used by design engineers.
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