Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality
and Building Physics
Indoor Ambiental Quality

1) Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality problems, according to its prediction of air quality outside our control, is a real challenge in today's world of research.

2) Thermal comfort
An internal environment meets a set of phenomena of heat and mass transfer closely interconnected, the human being plays an important role.

3) Building Acoustics
Protection from noise has become an essential requirement for habitable ambiantele with Council Directive no. 89/106/EEC. This requires the creation of acoustic comfort conditions.

4) Dayligthing simulation
Daylight is widely accepted to have a positive psychological effect on the human. Daylighting is lighting an indoor space with openings such as windows and skylights that allow daylight into the building. This type of lighting is chosen to save energy, to avoid hypothesized adverse health effects of over-illumination by artificial light, and also for aesthetics.
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