Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality
and Building Physics
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CFD Simulations
Renewable energies integration
Building Physics and phenomenon transfer

1) Flow-scale study buildings

This direction interferes with other directions and axes leading to the main target which is the study by means of experimental investigation or computationoal fluid dynamics of the buildings' systems and indoor comfort.

Another objective is the development of measurement campaigns that can be proposed to provide services for other public or private organization orf training human resources for the use of specific measurement means.

2) Building thermophysical analysis

This direction aims to study both experimentally and by modeling the dynamic behavior of stationary and nonstationary thermal processes in the envelope elements of the buildings.

An important objective of this research direction is to develop advanced solutions for reducing heat transfer through building elements and the study of unconventional materials to introduce them into the components of the envelope. We are also interested in the integration of measures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings (renewable energies, phase change materials, etc.)