Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality
and Building Physics

  Experimental test chamber I

n The experimental apartment is 
used for laboratory studies in  the following research fields :  Indoor Air Quality, Fluid  Mechanics,  Building  Permeability, Thermal  Comfort, Indoor Environment  Quality, Pollutant transfer, Acoustics,

Indoor Air Quality

n Pollutant transfer outdoor-indoor
n Indoor air quality prediction
nReal building pollution level measurements
n Laboratory experimentations
n Factors influencing the pollutant transfer, Outdoor pollution monitoring. Pollutants: O3, NO, NO2, PM0,3-20mm , CO2, VOC, 
n Pollutant absorption and resorption in materials.
Particle Image Velocimetry

n  Large scale 2D velocity fields
n Passive control of jet flows  and air diffusers optimization for improving mixing
n Isothermal and non  isothermal jet flow  investigations for thermal  comfort
n Velocity measurements for different kind of applications  (bio-dynamics, rheology, aerodynamics, )
n Vortex dynamics investigations

Building permeability

n Average permeability
n Air leakage detection for old buildings
n Permeability measurements in high-pressure and low-pressure conditions
n Air tightness measurements for rooms and apartments and large buildings

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