Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality
and Building Physics

Experimental characterization and measurement

n  Experimental determination of the characteristics of the discharge air grilles and diffusers
n   Field measurements of instantaneous and average speed in fluids with Particle Image Velocimetry
n  Experimental measurements of gaseous pollutants in the air (NOx, O3, CO2 ...).
n   Experimental determination of concentration of air pollutants such particles.
n Characterization of the acoustic equipments and buildings systems
n  Experimental determination of permeability of buildings (blower door).

Numerical simulations and data analysis

n  Numerical simulations of flows in buildings and facilities (Fluent, Comsol)
n    Statistical analysis of measurement data (images, signals ....)
n Algorithms for analyzing databases to extract significant phenomena (POD, DMD
n Training courses in specific metrology and CFD

Development of specialized software
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